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​Most recommended
Midsummer mountain stream & dry fly

​Amemasu fishing in Moutain stream Summer days
​Cetral Hokkaido

Lake run Amemasu.jpg


Season: July-August

Location: Central Hokkaido, Northern Hokkaido, rivers flowing into dams

​ Method: Single hand rod

dry fly, dry & nymphRail type

Tackle: 8-10ft

Line system: WF floating

Fly: Large to medium dry fly​,

Stimulator, Hopper, Cricket

such aslarge terrestrial,

SmallA black beetle is a must.

Standard large semi-pattern etc.

Every summer, there are several mountain streams that run upstream from the dam lake. In addition, in the upper reaches of several independent rivers in the central and eastern regions of Hokkaido, there are areas where large chars that grow to 40-60cm in length   live.
Both are basically the same fish, in the genus char.
If there is a valley surrounded by bedrock in a dense forest, it is almost always the home of a large-sized black trout. It is also a place where dammed chard trout grows during the summer.

Let's capture with a large dry fly. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to throw it in one shot or many times, but there is a good chance that it will float to the surface of the water. A large dried fish has the charm of attracting a large char.
In addition, there is a deep egre part at the bottom of the rock wall, and if the current is deep and slow, there are many cases where black char is hidden. If you pour a large terrestrial in such a place, a big char will pop out.
​Hokkaido's native dry fly can be caught firmly, but the fishing style may be slightly different from the char in the Honshu region as the fish are large. If you try it based on such a part, there is no doubt that it will be a different experience. The size is also about twice as different!

For more details, such as introducing the area according to the season, we will introduce it by e-mail etc. after contacting us.           


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Mountain stream in summer. In the open area above the dam, you can fish while looking at the snow-covered mountains. The timing is when the meltwater disappears and the water temperature of the dam lake rises. In the plains, it is suitable for fishing in the cooler mountainous areas where the water temperature rises. It's the best while staying at a nearby hot spring inn or camping.

Huge Amemasu Fishing Lower & Estuary
March - April and,
November - December


Amemasu fishing in Lower section is twice,
1,Spring time is from March-April,
2,Fall time is November to December.

It is an interesting season for fishing for red trout in the lower reaches of the Large River.
Best of all, it's a good size. Moreover, it hits the rough eating season before wintering.
Basicly using spey casting system and streamers is good method.

Even in the midstream, when the night time temperatures continued to drop below zero, I traveled across Hokkaido, avoiding northern Hokkaido, which is often hit by blizzards, and crossed large rivers in eastern and southern Hokkaido in search of the mainstream American char in the lower reaches. Thanks to spending dozens of days every year for about 25 years without asking people about fishing spots, I am proud that the hit rate has been higher than that of ordinary freaks.  The most difficult thing is to identify the whereabouts of the Amemasu, but since the Lowers doesn't change much, The most of peple dosen't think there is a hit a lots, so they decide "move". But there are. And often there is no reaction at all.The mistake of those is the fly doesn't reach the riverbed properly.  

Let's jump right into the technicalities here a little. ​This is difficult if you are only devoted to the swing, It's hard to get in hit range. cause is the atraction. fly needs for hit is atraction move. The fly pattern is important, also stripping is neccesary condition.

Recently, it seems that there are swings with split shots, but isn't it good to use outriggers?  In the Lowers is huge area, so, you can't do that. We use two handed rod and spey cast. If fish are many is narrow section, you can use single hand rod. I have some area info.

For more details, such as introducing the area according to the season, we will introduce it by e-mail etc. after contacting us.


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  • Season : March ~May, November~December

  • Destination : South, East, and North-East of Hokkaido

  • Method : Spey Scagit cast for swing, and retrieve flys.

  • Tackle : 11~16ft Two handed rod, Skagit  line is most productive and Scandi for warm season. So, You need a sinking  tips for main winter season. Any streamer is working well especialy types moveing tales, and Light green colors. I show you  when after booking.  Also Single handed rod 7~8 weight are available. 

​Amemasu is White spotted Charr 

Fishing with Swing and Retrieve

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​Amemasu is White spotted Char 
Fishing by small Dry Fly in early Spring.

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