Trout Fishing 

with Camping

I offer camping service 

when you'd like feel more natural

of Hokkaido.

With comfortable camping gears,

promise you great stay.

Even rainy day ,

Greens is beautiful any places by fishing spot.

You don't need anything for camp !


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Premier 04
As looking for somewhere...2
Premier 03
Falling Cadis as Fall
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Premier Camp 


Anywhere in Hokkaido.

Like gramping,

Settled big dining tent, 

comfort chair and tying table, refrigerator,

sleeping tent and everything.

You don't have to have anything 

for camping.

Hokkaido style BBQ, Jingiskan for dinner.

or many variety of Seafood.

English style breakfast.

Sleeping facility of Snowpeak stuff

is pretty pleasant.

Great sleeping for you.

If you would't like a sleeping soft tent,

We offer stay cottage as well.