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Late autumn to
  Early Winter

Early November to early December

In mountain streams, mornings and evenings drop below freezing, causing trout to become less active, and guided fishing teams move downstream in search of highly active trout.

The main targets are rainbow trout and huchen.

Until mid-November, only the Hucho can be found in the northern part of Hokkaido.

Until mid-December, the downstream areas of central and eastern Hokkaido.

Whether you use a two-handed rod or a single-handed rod, you're aiming for big fish.


Downstream SeaRun Amemamsu

A descending char in the Tokachi main stream. After spawning, the char gathers in the brackish waters downstream, and the condition of the char has improved. When it reaches this size (75cm), it becomes very impressive. The number of char in the Tokachi River system has decreased significantly compared to 20 years ago, but the char I caught last spring was 89cm, and it is a field where big fish lurk.

EW fly.jpg

Compatible Fly

Orthodox marabou flies are easy to use. Whether you use a swing or retrieve, you can attract rainbow trout by using materials that move well. Rainbow trout tend to be weaker to things that move than to things that only swing.


Hokkaido Hucho

This is a hucho in the main stream of the Teshio River. I caught this fish using a spey cast and swing fishing. This fish is very active, so you need to cast for a long time. In the cold months of November, it's better to catch them during the day than in the mornings and evenings.

There are points scattered in the lower and middle areas.


Mecca Sarufutsu

From October to November, the Sarufutsu River becomes a mecca, a holy place, where huchen enthusiasts from all over the country gather.

Although it has been straightened like a waterway, it is still home to one of the best numbers of huchen in Hokkaido.

This downstream area is a little muddy, but about half of the people are standing in and using spey casts and half are using overhead casts.

If you calculate the tides and hit a good day, you may be able to catch several fish in a day, but it's important to consider yourself lucky if you catch one every two or three days.

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