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Masao Okumoto   Story,Photography&Movie

​FlyFishing of Hokkaido Japan

This Site is a private site

of Masao Okumoto

who is  a Writer Photo&Videographer of Trout FlyFishing, 

over 20years from Hokkaido Japan

And introducing about here Hokkaido,

and world of Fly Fishing what I had.

  Original contents  

Trout Fishing & Camp, ANywhere



The Special Event

Fish Camp to Overseas


・New Zealand South Island




I have traveled so far,

From overseas locations, ​

Suitable for host fishing,

Pick up a great location.

Together, camp, talk,

chase the trout.

Have a once in a lifetime time.

​ (This is a tour where you can enjoy fishing together, not with a guide)


This is a joint project with a tour company.

The minimum number of participants is one person.

Please contact us for details.

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