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​by fly fishingTrout fishing is
It's not just fishing, I've been thinking.
living in natureto attack the
Every day I think only about that, worry,
Try, fail, succeed...
through the fishingIt gives us a lot of experience.
At the same time, I also think about this.
All the things leading up to the one tailfailure and success,
In the end, if you don't feel that there was a meaning,
The abyss of this fishing should not be seen.
In other words, to expand the angler's view of the world
The hardest thing to get in this fishingThere is.
The angler's view of the world, for many people,
happiness andMaybe we can rephrase it.
The purpose of this service is
Everything our guests come up with towards their goals
Paying attention and helping
This is my ideal professional guide.
Fish Campis the guest's fishing life,
and life itself
We aim to provide enrichment services.
Both the catch and the things on the way.
As a professional guide born in this land, I am responsible and humble.
I take pride in guiding our guests while communicating in English. English
Born in 1969 in Toyoura Town, southern Hokkaido, as a son of salmon and trout fisherman.
In 1994, graduated from Hokkai Gakuen University in Sapporo.
From 1994 to 1995, he traveled from Australia to Holland almost continuously on land about 2 years.
In 1997, while moving overseas, Tokyo and Hokkaido,
    Fly fishing and camping, writing and shooting serials for magazines, etc.
Entered "Hokkaido and the world fishing walking camp life" (continued for almost 15 years).
Main representative serials:
"Northern land and trout"
"Late-night fishing express ~From San Francisco to Alaska~"
"DEEP ALASKA" Chapters 1 and 2
"FF. Backpacking Trip NZ Edition"
"Patagonia Wilderness Fishing"
2010 Published "Hokkaido Trout Fishing" 
​2014 DVD "Ito Senki" of production
2021, "Fishing + Camping Guidebook" production
Serialized in North Anglers magazine ( above All Tsuribitosha)
​Patagonia Japan website Cleanest Line article
Introductory articles on Shimano "Fishing Cafe"
In 2023, published "FishCampLIFE! Seasonal trout fishing and camping" (Tsuribitosha)
 base camp 
Takaoka, Toyoura-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido40
FISHCAMPRepresentative Masao Okumoto

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