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What about Trout fishing Hokkaido ?

There are rich in variety of Trout Fishing

here Hokkaido.

Many of Natives, 

Amemasu is Sea run & river residence Charr .

ITO is Hucho Perryi which is also sea run,

another family of Taimen of syberia or mongolia.

Yamame is small beauty of river resident.

Pink & Chum salmon  is also natives  but  lots of hatchery's are released every year, fishing is from shore,and some rivers

can be fished. 

We  have also stocked Rainbows and Browns.

Head waters and down below

is brown bear country, 

many of rock creek holds small natives.

Mountain streams is very popular for wild rainbow lovers of domestics.

Dry fly is productive and nymphing.

Lower river is good late & early season for

Amemasu, and ITO by swing or retrieve fly.


The service makes wider offer from your

request .

When, Which one, Where, How many guest,

How to stay and How much cost etc...

Ask me anything by english or others.

Also I speaking english that is just OK.


I was born here and grow up, but traveling a lot of places around the world for fishing,

like a too many times NZ South, Western lagoons of Tasmania, West of Alaska, of couse some of rivers of Montana and Idaho,

and others.

That's because I  am a flyfishing magazine writer photographer 20 years,

and author " Trout fishing Hokkaido" which is only one book of fly fishing about Hokkaido..

I’d like you expect anything of Trout Fishing Hokkaido. I make you happy fishing Hokkaido, and If you want about camping here as well.

   Eleven  fisheries   

Rainbow with Big Dry.png

Rainbow Trout

June ~ October

8~10ft single hand rod

11~14ft Switch & Two hand rod

Dry fly and Nymph, Streamers



Short single rod like a

grass or bamboo. #3~4

nymph is always productive for large one, Dry fly

Pink salmon in Ocean,

    limited river

July ~ August

Single or Two hand


Norhern or Eastern Hokkaido

Miyabe Iwana

June~July, September

Long Single hand

Dry and Nymph,

Only in Lake Shikaribetsu

Runs From Sea.png

​Amemasu as White spotted Charr 

March~May Nov~December

Switch & Two Hande rod

  11~15ft #7~10

Single hand for stream

  8~10ft, #5~7

Spey Scagit cast

Streamers, Scud, shrimp,

Dryfly, nymph  


June ~ August

Short single rod #3~4 7ft~8ft

Dry fly ,Nymph


May ~SeptemberAugust

Single for creek #4~6

Single and Switch rod for Lake #5~7

Large dry fly and nymph,

Streamers for lakes

Brook Trout


Short Single hand

Dry and Nymph,

Fish is very small and

limited creeks 


ITO as Hucho Perry

May~June, October~December

Two handed or single  #8~10



July ~ August

Single hand 7~8ft #3~4

Dry fly, nymph,

Sakuramas as Chery Salmon

From June,July

Sakuaramas can be fished in  a lakes in low

    EXAmple fields   

    EXAmple fields   

​Early Spring



​道南 道央 十勝

スイング リトリーブ アウトリガー



アメマス イトウ エゾイワナ

道東 道北

スイング リトリーブ ドライ&ニンフ

Early Summmer


アメマス イトウ ニジマス エゾイワナ ヤマメ オショロコマ

​北海道全域 渓流~中流まで

ドライフライ ニンフ ストリーマー

Summer~Early Fall


ニジマス ヤマメ エゾイワナ

北海道全域 渓流~中流域

​ドライフライ ニンフ スイング



ニジマス イトウ

道東 道北

ドライフライ ニンフ ストリーマー スイング



ニジマス イトウ アメマス

道北 道東 道南

スイング ストリーマー

© 2017. Fish Camp Hokkaaido is Proudly created with Masao Okumoto FlyFishing Writer of Hokkaido

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