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What about Trout fishing Hokkaido ?

There are rich in variety of Trout Fishing

here Hokkaido.

Many of Natives, 

Amemasu is Sea run & river residence Charr .

ITO is Hucho Perryi which is also sea run,

another family of Taimen of syberia or mongolia.

Yamame is small beauty of river resident.

Pink & Chum salmon  is also natives  but  lots of hatchery's are released every year, fishing is from shore,and some rivers

can be fished. 

We  have also stocked Rainbows and Browns.

Head waters and down below

is brown bear country, 

many of rock creek holds small natives.

Mountain streams is very popular for wild rainbow lovers of domestics.

Dry fly is productive and nymphing.

Lower river is good late & early season for

Amemasu, and ITO by swing or retrieve fly.


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