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Mid Summer

Mid-July to early September

When the air temperatures exceed 30°C and the water temperatures in rivers exceed 25°C in the Tokachi Plain, Asahikawa, Nayoro Basin, and various parts of southern Hokkaido continue for days, FishCmap's guide fields shift to mountain streams flowing through shady forest areas at altitudes of 500m or more.


Rainbow trout in the forest

When walking through mountain streams, sometimes you encounter huge rainbow trout. This fish showed a sprint that made a long-time guest say, "I felt like I had caught a dolphin or something." I think it ran more than 50 meters. I said that it was difficult, but the number of brown bears has increased, making it difficult to venture into the river. I choose an area where there are relatively few brown bears.


Lake run Amemasu

In the mountainous areas from central to northern Hokkaido, there is a river inhabited by Amemasu that only a few people know about. The Amemasu seem to travel up and down the middle and upper reaches of the river, but are not in an environment where they can swim down to the sea, and yet they grow to be over 50cm in size. In southern and central Hokkaido, they are called Ezo Iwana, but in areas where they appear frequently, they are called Amemasu.

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Summer Camp

From midsummer to early autumn, you can stay at a campsite in the cool woods.

At a campsite with hot springs and bathing facilities,

Work up a good sweat and toast with a beer.

Let's have a light barbecue in the evening.

It's the best season.


Hidaka Adventure

This is a two-day fishing camp around a dam lake deep in the mountains of the Hidaka region. There are Amemasu char cruising leisurely on the edge of the lake's shore, and brown trout and rainbow trout hiding in the inflow and thin outflow. This is an area that is not often visited by people, so you will be dealing with innocent trout. Please be careful as this is a brown bear area.

​It's a remote and marginal field, so it's best to plan for one or two days. ​There are mountain huts for lodging as before, but you can also get there from a hotel in the village. It's a 50km forest road one way. Depending on your preference.

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