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July-August Recommend Native Char trout in Mountain stream, Middle of Hokkaido

Every summer, there are several mountain streams that run upstream from the dam lake. In addition, there are areas in the upper reaches of some independent rivers in the central and eastern regions of Hokkaido where large chars what Amemasu, grow to 40-60cm in length alone.

Both are basically the same fish, in the genus char.         

If there is a valley surrounded by bedrock in a dense forest, it is almost always the home of a large-sized Amemasu. It is also a place where dammed trouts grows during the summer.

Season: July-August

Location: Central Hokkaido, Northern Hokkaido, rivers flowing into dams

Method: Single-handed rod dry fly, dry & nymph trailer

Tackle: 8-10ft singlehand rod

Line system: WF floating

Dry Fly: Large to medium dry fly , Large terrestrials such as stimulators, hoppers, crickets, and small black beetles are essential. Standard large Sicade patterns, etc.

Wet Fly: Standard wet flys, like a MarchBrown, Hare's year SoftHakcle, Alexandra, etc.

Let's capture with a large dry fly. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to throw it in one shot or many times, but there is a good chance that it will float to the surface of the water. A large dryfly has the charm of attracting a large char.


In addition, there is a deep slit part at the bottom of the rock wall, and if the current is deep and slow, there are many cases where Amemasu is hidden. If you pour a large terrestrial in such a place, a big char will pop out.

Old man gets Large Char in end of June 2023.

Not many Ito which is land rocked Hucho Pery may taken by wet flys.

There are occasions when you can catch dry flies, which are native to Hokkaido, but because the fish are large, the style of fishing may be slightly different from that of char in the Honshu region. If you try it based on such a part, there is no doubt that it will be a different experience. The size is also about twice as different!

For more details, such as introducing the area according to the season, we will introduce it by e-mail etc. after contacting us.

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