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2024Report-1: Fishing for Sea-Run Amemasu near NISEKO in Spring

Nice guest from US.

Enjoy fishing the sea-run Amemasu which is native trout of here during two days.

place about river south part of Hokkaido, after skiing in Niseko.

The guest this time is a native Montana-man who I respect.

After enjoying skiing in Niseko,

Fishing for native Amemasu trout in a nearby river.

It's adventure travel.

While explaining, fish and environmets ecology and

complicated river fishing regulations,

Local culture, food culture, Japanese, Differents ofAmericans and Japanese, Montanans, people of the past, people of today...

I spent several days with endless conversations.

Fishing for American trout this season is as follows:

It is difficult to how to fish, look out a points and fishing methods.

However, it is not easy to guide

If you read out it properly, you will have great fishing.

The guest is from Montana, so usually single handed.

We use doble-handed rod geneally.

However, the strength of the fish that came up from the sea

he enjoyed many fish. average about 40-55cm.

The first day was calm, the second day was a cold northwest wind.

The points and approach were important, but

let loose a pretty big one.

The guests were happy and the fishing guide was very good.

By the way, there were no cherry salmon this time either, and unless you sink, you rarely catch them here. It's the right thing to do.

This is because, fishing for cherry salmon in the river is prohibited.

They were bouncing around in the center of the river, so it seems like they're coming up quite a lot. When this happens, the guide ends.

There were a lot of police patrolling, and they seemed to be asking questions here and there.

Illegal is illegal, thank God.

Targeted fishing is immediately illegal. Please be careful.

It would be nice to be able to do it legally someday what I work for...

In the following season, coming another fishery in other places.

getting huge Amemasu char which is same as Kunja in Russia.

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