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Estuary Amemasu Tour Arpril~May

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Amemasu is a native trout of Hokkaido, which has the habit of going down to the sea. In spring time, It is a fly-fishing tour of the so-called brackish water = Estuary, a spring tradition, the encounter between the river and the sea. Anadromas, which are said to be migratory fish, originally have an ecology that goes back and forth between the sea and rivers. There are several reasons for moving, but from an angler's point of view, I think it's good to think that "The Estuary water area is for chasing the bait in order to grow more.''

Spring is the time when char trout come to the boundary between the river and the sea to grow. It is important that the attack method differs depending on the point etc.

This is the guide tour for this season, the individuals that are in better condition, and the fly systems that match them. From the Pacific Ocean in eastern Hokkaido to the Sea of Okhotsk, we will go around according to the situation.

This Spring is progressing rapidly this year, so we will make plans in consideration of the snowmelt situation, which affects fishing in particular. The first half of April is already filled with guides, but I think it will be from March 25th to through 10 th of May.

Please take this opportunity to experience it. Since it is a tour with a fixed schedule and itinerary, it is a more reasonable setting than a normal guide. Basically it will be two nights and three days. Please pay for your accommodation and meals locally. (Accommodations can be freely selected within the area I reccomend)

There will likely be some fluctuations in the number of cast members this spring as well, but once in a while, as cast freely in a large space and regain experience and mastery of the technique, the Amemasu trout will come rushing over. I think there is also a rehearsal meaning before the full-fledged season, great experience as well.

Goretex waders are also OK. However, fairly thick socks, midwinter pants, tights, etc. are essential. So are the jackets. It may be warm in the sun, but it's not uncommon for the water temperature to be around 5 degrees, so be sure to protect yourself from the cold. Of course, let's go up from the river and take a break every hour or so. It doesn't go like stopping water in the summer.

All rental is available.

Depending on the situation, the fly pattern uses streamers such as salmon juveniles and scuds. Water temperature, season, water turbidity, etc.

I the southern and central areas of Hokkaido is also very interesting, but there is a different kind of awesomeness there. If you do it with the same feeling, it will not stand at all, or it will pass, brackish water and anadromous migratory fish, understanding nature is the key to capture. That's why I specialy reccomended.

A late lunch at Akkeshi Conchiglie restrant is a staple. Charcoal-grilled oysters, whelks, local fish, and more that can only be eaten here. It's cheap and delicious. There is all of here.

In my first book, I devoted 95 pages to articles on char trout fishing and ecology. They are very interesting trout all year round.

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