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March-April is good Native Char fishing at Estuary, River mouth.

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Spring mainstream Amemas Guide Fishing.

From NISEKO area, one of good Amemasu fishing spot around. You can fish some of good from stream but chilly weather at time end of Feb to middle of March. A little late, Eastern Hokkaido Okhotsk area (5hours from Niseko) will begin to make hot spot for Amemasu fishing every Year.

3 days tour must good for you. I will go around the mainstream Amemasu = [salvelinus malma] fishing in the eastern part . Those who have not experienced it are also welcome. The average is about 40-60 cm. There are anglers here and there, and fish are also threaded, so you may go to the unexperienced zone with my lecture by a guide with a long career. Even for the first time, you can aim for a native 60 over.

This kind of fishing has come a lot in various places, so there are many lectures you can do, so let's go fishing with your guide next door! So, in the evening, let's get up before it gets dark and warm our cold body with hot spring some where around. Since over Covid19 is going over, but it's quiet and quiet, even with a drink local beer or ...

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