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Mid April-May, Niseko Aria, Brown trout by Wet fly & Nimph

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

What is a bait ?

When we find a rise on surface, the great game bigins.

Fortunately, as trout Island, Our Hokkaido and some of other country are similar climate. Especially season of Mayfly, we have many kind of Mayfly in May.

Exemple, Okuma-madara which is drake 12 size, not small, hatch on surface,

makes a trout mud.

Most streams are in flat land, species are trouts not spawning, Browntrout first,

and then Rainbows next.

Mid May to end of June is best time.

However, the most productive strategies early in the season are wet flies and nymphs. Large brown trout, in particular, are very attached to flies that move in the water.The river width is less than 10m, so you will be fishing in a narrow space surrounded by trees using roll cast and overhead cast with a single-handed rod up to 9ft.

The river is home to the largest brown trout in Hokkaido, so you will surely have an exciting fishing experience.

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