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New Title has been released

I wrote the second book,

all about Trout Fly Fishing of Hokkaido.

"Fishcamp Life Hokkaido

~Four seasons trout fly fishing and camping everywhere as Dartbag Life~"

It's a great honor as Professional fishing guide.

I was born here as son of trout and salmon fisherman my father is.

Fishing is my all and way of life.

I'm captivated by them and can't get away.

First one was published 12 years ago,

This one was written about many story over this dicade of Hokkaido.

and some more my oversea trip over 25 years.

I'm very sorry that is written by only Japanese.

If you have any questions,

please feel free to ask me directly.

I am here, hokkaido,

until the end of my life.

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