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Early Summer-1, Matching the Hatch for Rainbow trout, Tokachi Area

In the slow-flowing flatland current, which is the main stage of FishCamp, in mid-May, the flooding due to snowmelt is over, and the mayflies such as the Greater Mayfly name is Okumamadara, the Monkagerou Mayfly, and the Caddis species continue to hatch smoothly. Above all, when the giant Mayfly, the largest mayfly, begins to emerge, even the large rainbow trout, which had not appeared on the surface of the water until then, begins to rise. It's the beginning of the most exciting dry fly of the year.

With its plump body, hook size around No. 10-12, and surface emergence, this mayfly is important for both trout and fly fisher. (One tail is missing in the photo.)

I caught a bug that a trout was eating in front of me with a fly imitating it.

The greatest pleasure of fly fishing world, the reason why fly fishing has spread all over the world, is right there.

Last End of June, the guest was at the perfect spot, waited for a while until the trout relaxed and started to rise, and had a good result. Excellent size and condition. And above all, that was aimed and hit. It's worth more than blindly thrown and caught monsters. That's the kind of fishing.

Use the stomach pump skillfully to remove the contents from the stomach of a fish that you have caught. Then, the spinners (adults) of the Okumamadara Mayfly came out all at once. The spinner's downdraft tends to flow over the water surface in short bursts. Moreover, it does not move like Dan, so it is the best feast for trout. Moreover, there is no reason not to happens rising to it. It's easy to shed, but drag-free is important.

This river trout is not a very big raindbow but, it is quite intelligent. It's not easy, but I enjoy one-on-one tactics by tenaciously changing flies many times. If the angler wins, the rainbow in such a wonderful body and condition will be captured in the photo. This guest's fishing trip this time was a whole fish.

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