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Early Summer-2, Matching the Hatch for Rainbow trout, Tokachi Area

Updated: May 3, 2023

Monkagerou's Dan that flows one after another. There are also some smaller Elmon Hirata Mayfly and medium-sized spotted Ephemera. However, only Monkagero rises for big game. So you are selective. (Actually, It ate anything for the first few days after it started.)

On this day, more than 5 good-sized rainbows of about 50cm were rising side by side at the bank of the same pool. Around 30cm are some. If you put your hand out blindly and get violently attacked by small items, you may be wary of smallers. It is necessary to determine which individual you should aim for, but it is easy to identify the rise form that eats the Dan on the surface of the water.

This is because the sharp head, the thick back, and the rise itself have a heavy feel and create an unusual rise rings.

In fact, when the tail is visible, it is often 35 to 40 cm at most. This is probably due to the balance between weight and length (it is not so heavy that the tail floats last when it rises to eat).

Even so, early summer of 2022 was a year with many Monkagero hatches. There are good years in both rivers and lakes, but in my 25 years as a fly professional, it was rare for me to continue for more than two years, so I think this year's situation was probably outstanding.

The hatch that started around May 20th didn't finish in the entire river even after a week, and by the time two weeks had passed, it wasn't possible anywhere. Until around June 20th, there were hatches, spinner falls, and good rainbow rises (several ones) almost every day at the so-called "Heaven"=pine heaven of Henry's fork of the snake river, which was named after the American-savvy guests.

Almost, because from around the 15th, the number of hatches decreased on days with strong sunlight, and the rises were sporadic.

The above picture is a spinner of a great spotted mayfly, and you can see that the wings are trembling and ripples are coming out from the vibrations like a rise ring. It can be said that it is the moment when the trout's "predation switch" is turned on. If you can do this kind of performance with a fly, of course...! ?

The last time I personally caught a little less than 50cm, catch by spent Monkagero. I think that even smart trout imprinted on Monkagerou's silhouette quite well this year. Like this season, even in autumn, will be going again October.

Missing a piece of shard that the guest caught, Stunning wild rainbow trout.

It was a tremendous strength and fight. It's just about 50 cm. There are many natural spawning individuals in this river, and I think the normal limit is about 50 cm. Local experts are of the same opinion.

Other rivers in Tokachi actually release from factory a lot of adult fish, and that's fine, but since such a wonderful fish and location, matching the hatch will be established, my guide for this area will focus on longer from before.

Wide flats, flowing ephemera and quiet rises. Once you hang it, it's a wild jet run, ultimate moment. It was a time when both the guests and I thought that we had traveled all over the world for a long time and came to fly-fishing just to get this kind of fishing. The impression that there is such a place in Japan too. My honest opinion is that this year is the year of So Good.

Autumn from mid-September to October is also good. If you read this and want to experience it once, please make a reservation. It's popular this time of year, so...

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