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Workshop of FISH CAMP ​ 2020

Our FishCamp workshop is a service that is just halfway between school and guide, focusing on the deeper parts of the fly fishing real fishing scene.

Fly fishing is a field play that has a deep understanding of nature and sportiness that cannot be seen in the genre of fishing . From river walking to casting, tying, strategy, and fly fishing are made up of various elements, but this workshop focuses on techniques and knowledge for actual fishing.

If you are an angler, the more you know, the more fun and deeper your fishing will be.

We are particularly focusing on the ecology, nature, and background of the trout.


This season, I have increased the number of series that I have contributed to magazines and made into books in the fishing that I have repeatedly experienced. In addition, we will include full-scale events for beginners, parents and children, and inviting instructors to further enliven the fly fishing scene in Hokkaido.


If you would like to enjoy the workshops mentioned here more deeply and personally, please apply for the full guide service.

Since the workshop is affected by the natural weather, it may not be possible to hold it depending on the conditions. If you have collected the fee in advance, we will refund you promptly.

Please note that it may also be an alternative workshop.

In addition to this, we will plan slide shows as needed, mainly during the off-season.

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