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Special Service

This is a special service page for members only. We will guide you to guides and workshops that are not (or cannot be) offered to the general public, especially one-offs, and immediate services that can only be done now.

To be honest, it seems that there are guides who imitate my style (even the river where the style goes) and say to their guests, "Okumoto..." and act as if they have received approval ( Of course, there is no refusal or greeting), and I really want to keep a little distance from that kind of service.

I don't have the money, but I have enough ideas and experience, and I want to set myself apart from other guides.

​As for the content, please keep it secret and enjoy…. (Of course, there is no illegality!)


Guide to drift fishing.

Since the days when we can depart are limited,

Priority will be given to site members.

Dry fly, rise aim at Tokachi tributary,

It is also a river of rainbow trout that can be targeted with a wet fly.

An agreement (something like) with a local angler group

I'm going to tie it up and let you go down a certain section.

In Tokachi, there are also guides who have constant local troubles,

​ is also a self-defense measure to avoid being put together.

You can drift only for 3 days on weekdays.

1. Tokachi Drift Fishing


In the middle and lower reaches of the Shiribetsu River. It is an area with stable water volume.

The Shiribetsu River is surrounded by Mt. Yotei and the Niseko mountain range.

It is a river with a lot of side water and a large amount of water.

It's a good river, but it's an area with a lot of fishing population.

Among them, there are sections where it is relatively difficult for people to enter,

Go down there by raft boat.

Wild rainbow trout nurtured by spring water

It will sound the reel and run.


​2, Shiribetsu River drift fishing

Lake Run Sakura_edited.jpg

I can't reveal the details yet.

Dream fishing may become possible.

First in Hokkaido, for special guests of FishCamp

It should be a special fishing.

​ Please stay tuned.

3, Special lifting of the ban on rivers


Tokachi camp base fishing will close in mid-July when the water temperature rises, and as usual, Dohoku will set up a camp in the high altitude area around Daisetsuzan. There are few places like Tokachi where you can drive your car to the riverside and enter the river comfortably, but you can enjoy summer fishing in the river surrounded by cool greenery.

​There aren't many reservations in advance during this season, so depending on the year, it's hard to tell when it's busy and when it's not. Therefore, in the future, we plan to actively engage in sales.

4, Around Daisetsuzan in midsummer/dry fly

Annual Private Program


We guide fly fishing in Hokkaido throughout the year.

The annual program is a great value program that combines pure guides and fishing workshops together.

We can only sell a few sets per year, but for those who live in Hokkaido or can travel to Honshu frequently and have free time,

​I highly recommend it. One year from spring to early winter

Let's play together.

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