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Flat river of early summer to midsummer,
Fishing rainbow trout with mayfly and caddis,
small terestrials. 

  • Season: Middle of May, June,                to middle July.

  • Location: Tokachi wehere is eastern Hokkaido

  • ​ Style: Fishing in a flat stream

  • Tackle: 4-5 weights 8.6 to 9 ft single hand rods

  • Line system: Weight Forward Floating

  • The fly pattern is mayfly and caddis is size about 14-10. Large terrestrial likea cicades is  6-8, and beattles about 14-10.

  • ​ Average size of rainbow trout 40-55 cm , and of cause over 60 cm.


Mountain stream Midsummer and early Fall.
Fishing rainbow trout with large dry.

  • Season: July-September

  • Location: Central Hokkaido, Northern Hokkaido River

  • ​ Style: Fishing in a mountain stream

  • Tackle: 5 to 6 weight, 9 ft rod

  • Line system: Weight Forward Floating

  • The fly pattern is large dry fly-terrestrial, cicader, hopper, moth, etc. 

  • ​ Average size of rainbow trout around 50 cm , rarely over 60 cm

Large female.jpg

Flat stream from late Fall
Fishing rainbow trout with small flies,
Matching the Hatch

  • Season: October-Nobember

  • Location: Tokachi area, Eastern Hokkaido,

  • ​ Tactics: Fishing in mountain streams and looking for rises

  • Tackle: 4 to 5 weight, and 8,6-9 ft rod

  • Line system: WF

  • Fly patterns: medium to small dry flies, telestorial, caddis, may flies, etc. 8th to 16th hook size. Standard nymph size 12-16.

  • ​ Fish size: 30-60 cm

success rainbow.jpg

Trout Spey fishing is available
Single hand spey,
 & Micro Spey for
Fall Rainbow at middle size stream

 with Small Streamers


Season: From mid-September to mid-October

  • Location: Southern Hokkaido, like Niseko area, Northern Hokkaido River

  • ​ Tactics: Fishing & Microspay

  • Tackle: 4-6, 9-10ft long single hand rods are recommended

  • Line system: Integrated switch spey and skagit

  • Fly patterns: Stremers, muddler minnow, Large telestrial, wet fly. Sizes 4-10.

  • ​ Fish size: 40-70 cm rainbow trout

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