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Northern Hokkaido Ito Camp.

Sarufutsu / Teshio River.

The scheduled date is scheduled for weekdays.


Swing in the middle part,

In the lower reaches, we fish by retrieve.

Because the purpose is to meet Ito on a fly

The cast does not matter.

Overhead or spey. Single hand is OK.


What should I do on the contrary? In that case,

I will explain both the efficient one and the one with only parentheses (laugh)

It may be a good opportunity for those who are looking for their own way of fishing.


Of course, Ito is a rare species, and the number of mainstream Ito is small.

I want to leave this kind of fishing as sustainable fishing in the future.

I would like to consider how to handle fish for that purpose.


A cottage for rent is planned at night.

If you can't make a reservation, go to a hotel.


Participation fee is irregular,

20000 yen for members.

(Members have used the workshop in the past)

The general public is 27,000 yen.

Please pay for accommodation and meals separately.



12 o'clock meeting on the first day, Teshio middle course swing fishing,

Day 2 Sarufutsu River retrieve fishing.

Day 3 Teshio River downstream retrieve fishing,



Program member 2 credits


Please pay locally.


November 2-4 (Tuesday-Thursday) Ito Camp Sarufutsu / Teshio River 3 days

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