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   Tokachi River

  SPEY for  


Tokachi River main stream

Early winter Amemas camp

In early winter, Amemas in the main stream of the Tokachi River.

Northern country, a rival of swing fishing.

Amemas near wintering in the mainstream

Aim for streamer and swing fishing.

Rods are 7-9, 14-16ft,

The line is the same as Ito,

Skagit line is the center to explore the water depth widely,

If you are aiming at the surface layer, you can also use a scanji shape and a spey full line.

If the water temperature of Amemas in early winter rises even a little after spawning and before overwintering

It is more active and has a habit of actively chasing food.

If you wish, we will lend you a tackle.

The cost is one night and two days per person, and the ingredients for dinner and breakfast,

The cottage fee will be borne by the actual cost.

Outdoor bonfire play, etc.

The total cost will be about 150,000 yen.

As always, this workshop is

It is not a guide or point guide.

If you want to do this fishing individually and deeply, please do

Please use the guide service.

To apply, use the order form from the Order page.

Or contact us from Facebook fishcamp Hokkaido,

Thank you.

The accommodation was decided to be an inn (accommodation training facility) in Bansei Onsen in Taiki-cho.

Please pay 4600 yen including accommodation (Japanese-style private room), breakfast and bathing fee at the actual cost.

For dinner, there is a barbecue house,

I am planning to use this.

It should be cold, so take measures against the cold!

November 23-24 (Saturday and Sunday)

Scheduled to be held (cancelled in bad weather)

Decided to use the Bansei Onsen facility in Taiki Town. All-you-can-eat rare iodine hot springs!

Overnight training camp camp method.

Participation fee 10,000 yen per person.
Plus accommodation (breakfast) 4600 yen is paid to the inn.

・ Up to 5 people

・ Price breakdown:

Rental of events, camping equipment and tackles to those who wish,

Split the school lecture lecture, night fun fee, and dinner ingredients cost.

(Bring alcohol!)


first day

Local gathering near Tokachi Toyokoro Town from 10:30 to 12:00.

(For your own convenience)

Fishing while going around the points.

An overview of fishing.

Swing and retrieve, difference in line system, etc.

Bring your own lunch.

Before 16:00, we moved to the hot springs.

Barbecue dinner from 18:00.

A slide show in a private room from 20:00 to 21:00.

Day 2

Breakfast at the inn.

Departure around 8 o'clock and fishing.

Points change and move depending on how crowded the angler is.

Scheduled to dissolve around 13:00.


   Teshio SPEY for  

  Hucho Perryi   

Of the main stream of the Teshio River

Ito Camp

"Flowing, the northern taiga ... "

It's not a saying or anything, but

An editor who is like an older brother

He often told me that when he got drunk.

It is said that swing fishing in the mainstream of Ito is what

It's suitable for the end of my fishing life.

DVD Ito Senki (Tsurijinsha)

Those who have seen it, those who have been influenced even a little,

It may be influenced by this person's mind.

This Club Fish Camp inherits that spirit.

(Also a keepsake blues & walker)

Let's aim for Ito by swing in the main stream of Teshio River, it is an event.

First-timers are welcome. Let's get started together.

It ’s a difficult fishing, but

There are people who are often caught by the general public.

I myself have caught some,

With host phishing

Let's go fishing together.

The usual fishing talk at night,

This time, the inside story of Ito Senki is also included.

On the day of the event, we will meet at Michi-no-Eki Nakagawa at 12:00.

Then, I visited the field where Ito Senki was set,

I will give a brief lecture on basic fishing methods.

8 to 10 rods, 14 to 16 ft are easy to use,

Also, a tackle that can withstand fishing for a long time.

Recently, I myself am a light 13,6ft 8th rod in October.

Focusing on the 3m sink tip of T10,

Change the depth to explore with the weight of the fly.

Yes, I will not cast long distances.

The colder months after November use heavier sink tips, so

A 630 grain scabit line is used for the powerful 10th rod.

With any tackle, of the inside of the meandering river

Especially in deep places,

Aim until you change the fly depth.

Because the line can search the water depth widely,

Scandinavian and Skagit lines are the center.

A full sync head would be nice too.

The basic fly pattern is to use a fly that moves well and stands out.

When it is a little cloudy and the water is a little high, it is said to be the biggest chance of fishing for Sakhalin taimen.

The above fly seems to be more effective.

I have a good track record with the basic Zonker pattern, so

Trust this and rotate only with color variations.

However, some people often hang two small salmon flies for fishing.

A small shrimp pattern is also effective when the water is clean or low.

Ito is Kakeagari and during feeding,

A fish that comes to your feet,

Let's increase the chance even a little.

If you wish, we will lend you a tackle.

The cost is one night and two days per person, and the ingredients for dinner and breakfast,

The cottage fee will be borne by the actual cost.

Outdoor bonfire play, etc.

The total cost will be about 150,000 yen.

To apply, use the order form from the Order page.

Or contact us from Facebook fishcamp Hokkaido,

Thank you.

From Friday, November 1st

Until Sunday, November 2

Held for 3 consecutive days

Use the cottage

Overnight camp (camp)

Participation fee around 150,000 yen

(Bring alcohol!)

・ Minimum number of people per day is 2 ~

・ Accommodation is at the cottage.

・ Events, camping equipment and tackle rental for those who wish,

Lecture fees, accommodation fees, ingredients costs, etc. will be split and the actual costs will be borne.

(Participation fee is approximate)

・ Start after lunch on the first day, and prepare for lunch on the second day.

・ Slide show is also planned


Long Swing 2.jpg

  Singlehand SPEY  

  To capture the northern and middle rivers

Single hand spey

In this season when autumn is deepening,

There are still active trout in the middle reaches.

The stage is the Teshio River system or the Ishikari River system.

For rainbow trout, go into a slightly looser flow,

It may be rising to the flowing insects.

With Ito, the flow is even slower,

It may suddenly pop up.

I definitely want to see such a scene! I also think.

If you're lucky ...

At this event,

Ideal for capturing in the middle reaches,

Single hand rod around 10ft,

Switch, microspay line

Regardless of the manufacturer

We have the products that I think are the best.

The target fish are mainly autumn rainbow trout, and maybe Ito.

Both should actively chase food during the season unrelated to spawning.

Aim for rainbow trout, if there is a rise in fine weather,

Dry flies using terrestrial etc.

If not, invite them by skating or dragging with a large caddy.

It should be interesting to aim near the surface of the water.

The rods are 4-5 , 10ft long rods,

From the riverbank without a back, with C spey, snap cast, jump roll

Throw the fly in the direction of the target point.

If necessary, I will guide you.

Please let us know if you have any at the time of application.

If it is a medium-sized Ito (it will not go down 50 cm),

Use rods 6-8.

This is the power to throw a sink tip, streamer or a large dry

You will need it, so use a slightly larger count.

In either case, depending on the weather and conditions until the day of the event.

We will choose a fishing spot, so please forgive it if it is different from the explanation in advance.

As always

This event is different from guided fishing, so

It is a stance to let's fish together and cultivate.

Please apply as a guide for fishing information.

Then it is a small group system, first order, but

Thank you for your application.

In addition, we plan to stay at the nearest campsite cottage the day before.

If you participate, please bear the actual cost.

Due to the stormy weather forecast, it has been postponed. Next time undecided


A certain river / riverbed in Northern Hokkaido

Participation fee 1,4,000 yen


・ The minimum number of participants is three.

・ Accommodation is at the cottage at the campsite. Costs are included.

・ Rental of day-trip camping equipment and tackle rental,

Including tutor fee

・ Start after lunch on the first day, and prepare for lunch on the second day.



  Headwater  CAMP  

  Trout fishing in the Tokachi headwaters  

  sponcered by Maverick 

One of the three major sources of Hokkaido,

Camping and headwater fishing in the headwaters of the Tokachi River.

The headwaters of Hokkaido are remote areas and forest wilderness far from human settlements.

If you don't have a guide or invitation, you won't have a chance to go, right?

However, there is a true appearance of Hokkaido where innocent nature and wildness remain.

Why don't you visit this opportunity once?

Fly fishing in Hokkaido is also deep.

With a short rod around No. 3

It is a fishing that is light and casts a dry fly to the pin spot.


Not very familiar in Hokkaido

Let's enjoy short rod fishing.

Due to the small number of people at this event,

From one company, Marverick

From the latest Scott rods, glass F series, GS series

I was able to borrow a short rod of around 7Ft.

It's a demo rod that I haven't had a chance to use in actual battles,

Please take this opportunity to use it.

Even rod talk while surrounding the campfire.


The target fish is Dolly Varden trout, the main source of the Tokachi headwaters.

With dry flies, nymphs, and bottom nymphs,

There is a dramatic change in the size of the fish.

Differences in swimming ability and ecology of Dolly Varden trout, etc.

There is something quite interesting.

Welcome to the world of trout fishing in Hokkaido.

There may be rainbow trout a little downstream,

It ’s also a terrible battleground,

Let us go leisurely in this camp.

The best hot spring ants.

Raw meat Genghis Khan.

Brown bears don't come, but foxes do.


August 31st to 1st (Saturday and Sunday)

Tokachi River headwaters, Tomlausi hot spring campsite use

・ Participation fee by bringing in a sleeping bag

12,000 yen per person

・ Camping equipment rental fee,

Camping fee, food cost,

And a short rod,

Line rental

・ The minimum number of participants is three.


Shikaribestu event.jpg

FISHCAMP X Shikaribetsu


"What is fly fishing suitable for Lake Shikaribetsu?"

This event started with such a question.

Is that the secretariat? Is this this? I continued to search for it.

It's a small event with a small number of people, but it will be held this time as well.

The protagonist of Lake Shikaribetsu in the early summer first image is Miyabeiwana.

When it comes to size, it's mainly about 25 to 35 cm.

If it's a two-handed switch that uses this in other lakes,

To catch the lovely and beautiful Miyabaywana like a jewel with overtackle.

However, with just a single hand and WF, it is difficult at Lake Shikaribetsu where there are few backs.

This is not a heavy tackle, but you can exchange it flexibly and happily.

Moreover, as a system that can sufficiently throw a fly from the shore

I have been searching for various things.

Actually, the situation is the same not only for Lake Shikaribetsu but also for small lakes and marshes.

In other words, even in rivers with few riverbanks.

To make this comfortable and appropriate,

10ft, long single hand around No. 4,

The latest Skagit head (integrated with the running section),

With the support of the manufacturer, we will lend it as a rental (free of course), although it is a small number.

Actually, this system is almost effective not only in Lake Shikaribetsu but also in small lakes and marshes.

In other words, the same is true for rivers with few riverbanks (Northern Hokkaido and Okhotsk).

It has less impact on the water surface than two-handed, etc.

Moreover, the rework is quick and the accuracy is high.

If there is a rise, you can type it in immediately.

Overhead casting is possible if the head is not too heavy.

If you get better, you can spend 20m on spey and 30m on overhead.

Since you will be able to project the fly, the actual fighting ability is outstanding.

It will be easy to use for single-handed people.

The self-proclaimed real fishing sect is interesting and interesting for publication in magazines.

To surely catch fish and fill the space

Because it is a system that has been derived

I recommend it with confidence.

The combination of fly patterns is also important,

The story around it and the long single itinerary for more than 10 years

I will explain with a slide show from the beginning in Alaska.

Heavy thinking is inferior to switches and two-handed

Ability to throw tips and large flies,

It's an exchange with a super big game, so it's the right person in the right place, isn't it?

I think it will be a new page of fly fishing with high system.

Oh, most of the rods are for outrigger nymphs,

Its use is already pear ability.

On the day of the event,

After entering the point by ferry on Sunday

I'll be demonstrating for about 10 minutes,

It is best to have them experience it in actual fishing and enjoy it! Is the concept,

We will advise and help you find the right fishing for you.

Please prepare your own rod with a length of 9ft or more.

If there is a line with a head weight of about 150 grains for the 5th rod,

You should be able to fully enjoy the still water spey.

We will lend you a line as a trial.

From behind, I will call out to you that it is neither uh nor this.

If you can't concentrate, just say "noisy".

The event is small and about 2 to 5 people. Stayed at Hotel Fengshui the night before,

Before dinner on Saturday, it's a slide show that I'm proud of on my fishing trip.

Ichiou, like Lake Shikaribetsu, as fly fishing in the world aimed at from the lake edge

Learn about fishing in small lakes in Alaska and the South Island of New Zealand.

One night and two days accommodation (single room) and meal fee,

One day's recreational fishing ticket, ferry service (life jacket rental),

It is 27,000 yen per person.

It's still cold, so don't forget to take measures against the cold.

June 1-2 (Saturday and Sunday)

Hotel Feng Shui 1 night 2 days

Supper and morning lunch included

Recreational fishing ticket, ferry service, life jacket for one day

Slideshow before Saturday dinner

One room per person: 27,000 yen (tax included)




  NewZealand South

Host phishing

(Tour to go fishing together)


South Island of New Zealand.

Southland, a southern Otago with a particularly beautiful atmosphere.

Travel in the magnificent scenery in search of trout.

90% of fishing is site fishing.

Approaching the river from the downstream,

Find the big guy and drop the fly on his nose.

Then, it slowly emerges and snaps into your mouth.

Focusing on dry flies, small nymphs always have a high success rate.

Surrounded by the wonderful spirit of the mountains for a few days,

Let's spend under the starry sky.

At the waterside where trout swim at an unmanned campsite

Make a small base camp and go around.

It's a fly fishing camp.

Camping equipment will be available for rental. ​​

Under the arrangement of travel agency Trout & King

Now that it's feasible

Please contact us first.

Desired date and time, number of people, price, accommodation type, etc.

The tour will be arranged according to the guest's wishes.

If you are interested, please contact us first.

In early summer December, the water in the river is a little high and the water temperature is low, and there are many days when the westerly wind is a little.

There aren't many anglers yet, and the fish aren't rubbed too much, so

As long as you can capture the wind, you can get closer to the fish.

From Christmas to January, there are many anglers in NZ for long vacations.

The wind gradually subsides, but to find a point where there are no anglers,


February-March is the best season for the South Island.

The water level drops more for dry flies,

It is often covered with huge high pressure and sunny days continue.

Site fishing is recommended during the best season.

The fish rubs and becomes a little spooky (nervous).

Please refer to the above.

【Concrete example】

5-7 days + on board. All or part of the following.

Arrive at Christchurch, South Island

Plateau of South Canterbury,

Spring creek overlooking the Southern Alps

(Blind fishing, dry nymphs 4-5)

Site fishing in Okawa (Nos. 5-6)

Large trout site fishing on a cruise on the oxbow lake

Shopping in Queenstown

Dry fly in the river of Rise

Lakeside camp in the mountains

Monster Brown River (early rising required)

Site & Dry Hunting in a rainbow trout lake that nobody knows

Departure from Queenstown


Minimum number of people 1 ~

Minimum 4 days ~

Camp night is 1 night or more,

Others are hotels, etc.

Basic camping equipment (small tents, mats, sleeping bags, tableware, etc.)

Is OK empty-handed.

Price 300,000 yen ~

Depending on your budget, accommodation and the number of days with or without a guide will change.

Travel Arrangements: Trout & King

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