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Jouney, Quest, & Adventure

For Quality of fishing LIFE

The trout that symbolize Hokkaido, it freely moves back and forth between the sea and the river,

Show the ecology that changes according to the nature of the northern country.

Trying to touch the fish means touching the nature of Hokkaido. This is a project that we specifically permit and develop so that you can experience this wonderful world.

In web content, in a workshop, or in a guide service.

ANADOROMOUS, Sakugawa run-up fish, when there is a work that can not run up in the river,  The ecology is divided. It is also a fish that makes us think about the coexistence of nature and humans. At FishCamp-Hokkaido, I would like to think about its significance through fishing.  

ITO River 


Douto stream Amemasu

Teshio River 

Middle Reach


Searun ITO

Sea Amemasu

HIDAKA Amemasu Creek

Shore Creek IWANA

Bekkanbeushi River Estuary

Sarufutsu River


Tokachi River

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