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Native Iwana is White spotted Char
Fishing by Dry Fly only !!

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In the upper reaches of some independent rivers in the eastern Hokkaido region,
A large char that has grown to 40-60 cm in the river alone
There is a habitat area.
In the dense forest, there is a valley surrounded by bedrock, and there are many points where fish can evacuate even in the event of flood-grade flood water. In flat water, you can see a big swaying fish shadow near the edge of a large space and the bottom of Fukase. Normally, you would throw a nymph ... but first, let's try some kind of dry fly. You need to throw it many times, but there is a good chance that it will float to the surface of the water.
In addition, there is a deep egre part at the bottom of the rock wall, and when the flow is deep and slow, there are many cases where a large char is lurking. If you pour a large telestrial into such a place, a big char will pop out.
There are scenes where you can fish firmly even with the native and dry flies that Hokkaido is proud of, but due to the large size of the fish, the fishing style may be slightly different from that of Iwana in the Honshu region. How about trying based on such a part? Details will be reported by email and phone after making an inquiry.           


Summer mountain stream. In the open section, you can also fish while looking at the mountains of the remaining snow. In the plains, fishing in the cool mountainous areas with high altitude during the season when the water temperature rises. It's great even though it's a hot spring inn or camping nearby .

  • Season : March ~May, November~December

  • Destination : South, East, and North-East of Hokkaido

  • Method : Spey Scagit cast for swing, and retrieve flys.

  • Tackle : 11~16ft Two handed rod, Skagit  line is most productive and Scandi for warm season. So, You need a sinking  tips for main winter season. Any streamer is working well especialy types moveing tales, and Light green colors. I show you  when after booking.  Also Single handed rod 7~8 weight are available. 

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