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Let's start 2023 with Amemasu from late winter to early spring and from February to April.

The region is the Donan region, a two-day program in this area.

A fishing workshop.

One-on-one with those who wish.


First of all, the main stream of American trout, the type that overwintered in that river.

There is a type that spent the depths of winter at sea. You will know the difference if you can catch it.


Speycast using two hands and switch rods,

Where fish live, how to aim, how to select and handle flies, etc.

First-timers are also very welcome.


The fishing content is two-handed swing or retrieve fishing in Okawa for two days.

Since we are going back and forth with the sea, please prepare various shrimp patterns.

Fluttering, UV glitter is effective.

Since you will be using the trailer a lot, cast with a slow stroke.

I will teach you more.


Local meeting dissolution, or add around + half a day

Pick-up from the airport is also possible.

Fishing time is not so long, starting at 9:00 when the sun rises until around 16:00.


Accommodation is at your own expense, such as a nearby hot spring hotel.


Special price of 6,50,000 yen for two days.

80,000 yen for two people.

If you add movement back and forth, it will be +1,50,000 yen.


Payment can also be made by transfer paypay.

(We are currently unable to accept card payments.)

Please pay at the first event.


Limited to southern Hokkaido, the program starts with the mainstream Amemasu

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