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Spring in Hokkaido is the season for salvelinus leucoma.

Fishing in the brackish season in the lower reaches of the river and near the estuary,

It shows the ecology and high activity unique to wild fish.

Using salmon fry, scud, shrimp patterns,

Cross the slow flow and create a sense of life

invite. For retrieve etc., look at the timing of the flow and tide,

We will give a detailed lecture on site.

Naturally, the fishing results will change considerably.


Since the guide is also free for this kind of fishing, we will serve Sao together.

Let's go experience it together!

(In addition, rainbow trout intermittently enter the spawning season in various places,

Since sensible people do not aim for spawning rainbow trout and Ito, please consider Hokkaido as a choice for Amemas at this time of year! )


Making full use of two hands, the point that comes around relatively close is

There are many, so even those who are not used to it are quite promising seasons,

From the Pacific coast of Eastern Hokkaido, go around the direction of Okhotsk.

I can't fish for a long time, about 8 hours or less.

Whether you have a pickup or you're merging in your own car

The same price and accommodation will be arranged by each person,

Since it is a pre-season, the guide fee is also cheaper.

(From 3 days for 30,000 yen (tax included) a day)

The period is April 10 to 17 days, and the Golden Week period is also open.


We will inform you of the necessary tackle and line system after booking.

Free rental is available. Feel free to join us and look forward to it.



Fishing together. Mainstream Amemas Eastern Hokkaido-Okhotsk

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