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It is a mountain stream in southern Hokkaido surrounded by forests and valleys.

In fact, May is in the middle of a hatch of aquatic insects.

8-9ft rod, first focus on dry, then nymph.


Maybe there is a hatch but no rise,

Is it such fishing? However, of Okumamadara

Let's get excited by seeing the plump body.


After the lecture at 10 am on the first day, we went fishing with each other. Disbanded at 17:00.

The next day, we will meet at 8 o'clock and will do it until around 3 o'clock.


Bring lunch and bear bells,

Bring a brown bear spray!

(Because it is a safety measure, we will lend it for free)


Participants are up to 2 people who do not get close.


After the holidays in May, Donan Keiryu Brown Camp for two days (each stayer)

¥45,000 Regular Price
¥37,800Sale Price
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