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Service Fee

We have Three kind of service, such as

​Wading Guide, Drift Guide, Fishing & Camping Guide.

 Reserve Carender 




This service include for:

・Fishing guide serivice all of Hokkaido about 7-12hours a day.

(Depends on situation)

・Pick up and drop service from anywhere in Hokkaido.

​・Extra charge over 200km from Sappro (+\5000 per day)

・Field lecture that fish, nature,

・How to fish, fly paterns and others in English.

・Fuel & Highway fee

・Trip fee for guide

・Not include for lunch & Beer!

Extra Season like November-March

Price will be discout 20% off.

Try ask Reservation availability from form.


Let's go and stay in our beautiful forest Hokkaido !



-Fishing with camping service-

This service include for:

・Fishing guide serivice all of Hokkaido about 7-12hours a day.

・Pick up and drop service from airport or others.

・Field guiding, lecture that fish, nature,

how to fish fly paterns and others in English.

・Camping gear all you need what is best product for my camp.

​・Tents for each person

・Setting a camp , also barbecue and other cook. 

・Fee of campground, foodstuff and lunch is included,

alcohols is extra.

For big groupe like over 4persons,

I organize big camp with some other partner.

Please ask me anything about flyfishing in Hokkaido.

We will organize everything about your trip

like trasport, hotel, restrans,or others,

with travel agency.


About Canceration

Anytime, bad weather condition will be free.

Other reason must charge 20% from 4weeks.



There is a Bear Country all of Hokkaido.

So, Please I want you to follow what I say


● Basic camp 

1 night 2 days to 3 nights 4Day

・ Canservice related to

・Camping equipmentntal

・Guide service up to 8 hoursScrew

・​Food for simple mealsmaterial included

・Only alcohol is sold separately


In order to avoid laws and regulations, we ask that you do the following:

​・Help you set up your own personal sleeping tent

・ Meals are self-serve,

let's cook together

・Campsite fees and food costs will be charged separately.

(Prepare in advance, but please contact us for special ingredients)


● Fish Glamping 

1 night 2 days~3 nights and 4 days


The most luxurious Hokkaidofishing campthe pu.

Leaving slowly in the morning,

Ride a drift boat

Comfortable trout fishingPlease die.

camp is

A comfortable stay with exclusive large tents, benches and cots,

Dinner by a private chef,

A very simple breakfast.

Drift guide 200,000 yen per person for 2 days and 1 night

What FishCamp has in common is

Trout fishing in Hokkaido at night,

Talk about fishing and camping around the world.

​While looking at the starry sky from time to time.

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